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Social media & marketing technology storytelling by Mayra Ruiz-McPherson
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green marketing: consumers don't have to sacrifice performance or price to make a positive environmental impact

Author: Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

On 22, Apr 2009

green marketing: consumers don't have to sacrifice performance or price to make a positive environmental impact

Happy Earth Day green marketing earthlings!

In the spirit of Earth Day, thought it would be nice to highlight various earth-friendly marketing happenings around our planet. Here’s a quick round up of noteworthy, earthy marketing mentions and wisdom on the ‘net:

SLDA Landscape Design Associates blog
"While marketers and vendors have a moral responsibility to help consumers understand which products truly promote sound environmental sustainability, it is ultimately the savvy consumer and their wallets that will most influence truly green from “wanabee” green products."
More here

Another kind of green marketing by Roger Dooley of the Neuromarketing blog
"Green marketing. “Greenwashing.” Green is the hot color for marketers these days, but there’s an old-fashioned kind of green that most of us overlook: no, not money… trees."
More here

5 Easy and Earth-Friendly Marketing Methods on the Kiss’ Em blog by Lisa Almeida
"We become consumers even before we enter the world.  Cribs, clothing, diapers, bottles, strollers and car seats purchased on our behalf get the ball rolling for a life of consumption.  I’m not saying this is a bad thing.  It’s just the way it is.  Being born is big business. Owning a business turns you into a sort of double consumer because every business is a consumer in and of itself.  Last week, when I came out of the environmentalist closet, I had a V-8 moment and realized just how central environmental issues are to my business, from the products and services I offer to the ways in which I market them…"
More here

Green-Marketing Revolution Defies Economic Downturn by Ad-Age
"With more mainstream marketers expanding into more categories, every consumer-package-goods category will soon have some kind of green alternative … Increasingly, it will be a choice between light green and dark green…The premise is that consumers don’t have to sacrifice either performance or price to make a positive environmental impact."
More here

Is Green Still Golden? by e-Marketer
"Everyone knows that the price of going green is usually steeper than the alternative—in almost any product category. So with the recession putting the squeeze on consumer spending, are marketers becoming less enthusiastic about pushing environmentally correct products?
Not according to the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Fleishman-Hillard. Their polling shows that companies are still investing in green projects and products—and they want their customers to know it."
More here

The Growth of Green Marketing by
"Today’s consumers are increasingly socially conscious, with a growing concern to know if companies honestly treat employees fairly while doing their part to protect and save the environment. Brand values like social responsibility, benefit to the community, and “being green” are at the top of more shopping lists than ever. Not unsurprisingly, enthusiasts of technology are leading the way."
More here

Dentists Go Green for the Good of Mankind, the Earth, and Their Marketing Strategy by
Some dentists are “going green” and taking advantage of marketing their practices as eco-friendly…
More here

PR Tips on Earth Day by John Pilmer of PilmerPR
“The buzz around green has risen to a fever pitch. New green companies pop up daily like a bowl of Orvil Redenbacher seeking to seize the moment. Companies large and small rewrite messaging to grab headlines and improve public perception. The difference between skilled public relations and what is real green and socially responsible is sometimes glaring and other times very subtle. Here are some PR tips for companies trying the do the right thing regarding the planet…”
More here

Green Marketing comes to your inbox via

Green Marketing comes to your inbox via

How apropos … Mediapost launched its new green marketing email newsletter today free for subscribers (also free to subscribe). Check it out (you’ll need to subscribe first to Mediapost to view)!

My own personal Earth-friendly sacrifice for 2009

As a side note and tangent, effective as of earlier this year … I don’t print much of anything anymore. My printer has been disconnected for months now and this has forced me to reduce my dependency on printing or having to print, period. I save on paper and I save some trees. Plus I reduce clutter (a very welcome side effect) in my already messy-prone office space. Obviously, not printing isn’t always practical for other businesses but I do try to do most of what I can online and rely on the Internet heavily to stay as green as possible by using email and social networking for communicating and bookmark sites extensively as opposed to printing web pages. Marketing, too, is going very green again for many of the same reasons.

I hope you all are as Earth-friendly as possible not just today but every day of the year!

Go planet! :)

About Mayra Ruiz-McPherson

As lead blogger for The Better Social Business Blog, Mayra writes frequently about trends in topics related to social media, digital marketing and marketing technology. Her email newsletter, The Social Media Trend Watch Report, curates noteworthy social media platform updates, upgrades and changes and goes out regularly to more than 1,000 subscribers. Click here

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